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Webportal earthquake energy zones, detailed up to postal code and street numbers

In 2016 Respectis has developed as a first proof of competence a new webportal where individual inhabitants, entrepreneurs or decision makers can find out how much energy all the earthquaskes from 2010 up to this actual moment has been exercised on a given portal code and street number.

Putting all the values of the exercised energy on all the locations together gives a very detailed view on the earthquake-energy-dispersion level as shown within the figure below.

(Map with eartquake-energy zones is under construction)

Independent advice on Winningsplan Groningen Gasreservoir 2016

In 2016 Respectis has presented an independent view on the Winningsplan Groningen Gasreservoir 2016. The main advice in this analysis is the necessity of permanent dynamic gas pressure management for the years to come until the end of the gas production in Groningen.

Webportal Noordwest 380 kV moet goed

For support on activities that try to prevent the establishment of 60+ meter high power masts, Respectis has developed in 2016 a new webportal to inform inhabitants, entrepreneurs and decision makers about the consequences on the fragile environment of Groningen of these masts.